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NFL Draft Combine: Where USC Players Can Stand Out

A record number of Trojans are working in front of NFL Scouts.

Jake Roth-USA TODAY Sports

USC sends seven Trojans to this weekend's NFL Draft Combine in front of a plethora of NFL Scouts. Led by two-time All-American Leonard Williams, plenty of Trojans will be on full display in Indianapolis.

Among the players in desperate need for a breakout performance, tight end Randall Telfer could be the one player that would most benefit from a great performance. Here are the latest evaluations from, laying out a bottom-line prospectus of what each player brings to the table heading into the NFL Draft Scouting Combine.

#USCtotheNFL Update

Nelson Agholor

Grade 5.57

Intelligent, instinctive receiver with an advanced feel for getting himself open against zone coverage and off man. He's lacking a speed component to force cornerbacks to respect him over the top and he might not be physical enough to play outside. Agholor's best position could be working from the slot as a reliable possession receiver who can step right into the punt-returner job on Day 1.

Buck Allen

Grade 5.34

Workhorse back able to make plays late in the game and work out of the backfield to keep defenses honest. His relative elusiveness in space and ability to cut on a dime give him the ability to create yards where there are none, but his average vision and inability to finish off runs will keep him from getting some of the yards teams might expect. He's well-rounded enough to be a very good backup with middle- of-the-road starting potential.

Hayes Pullard

Grade 5.36

Athletic linebacker who falls into a habit of letting plays come to him rather than making things happen. While lacking an aggressive strike as a tackler, Pullard has the athleticism to be a solid NFL player. He has to find a scheme that can keep him clean or he might be just another linebacker.

Josh Shaw

Grade 5.4

While Shaw played boundary corner, slot corner and safety at USC, concerns over his athleticism and speed could limit him to zone-cornerback status as a pro. Shaw seems to go along for the ride while on field rather than operate with a voracious appetite to make plays. He's not physical enough to play in the box, so he will likely have to be a Cover-2 cornerback or free safety as a pro.

J.R. Tavai

Grade 5.35

When Tavai hits the grass, he goes all out until the final whistle sounds. Limited athleticism could cause decline in production in the pros and medical concerns have some scouts lowering his draft grade. His energy, effort and enthusiasm from snap to snap are characteristics defensive coordinators will welcome at any stage of the draft.

Randall Telfer

Telfer may lack the number of catches to rise up the draft board, but the upcoming NFL Draft Combine could show scouts what the former Trojan can bring to the table. Telfer does possess good blocking ability and a prototypical frame for the next level as he looks to climb from a current 6th-to-7th round grade.

Leonard Williams

Grade 7.4

Enormously powerful defensive lineman. Has the look and feel of the biggest, strongest kid on the playground but hasn't figured out how to unlock his natural gifts and consistently dominate the rest of the kids on the playground just yet. Williams can play in an odd or even front, and is able to hold the point as a two-gapper or disrupt upfield. With coaching and more experience, Williams should be able to match the athleticism with the power and become a consistent Pro Bowler with a ceiling that goes even higher than that.