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Major shakeup for USC Trojans Coaching Staff: Defensive Coordinator Justin Wilcox and others out

Clay Helton has confirmed staff shakeups for the USC Trojans

Scott Olmos-USA TODAY Sports

**Update** USC has confirmed Justin Wilcox, Keith Heyward, Bob Connelly, and Chris Wilson are out. These assistants will not coach in the Holiday Bowl, and Clay Helton will not call the offensive plays next season.


Original story:

Since Clay Helton was named the USC Trojans head coach following the victory over UCLA many assumed he might do some housekeeping and bring in his own staff. Following the loss to Stanford in the Pac-12 Championship game to last night, reports of a major staff shakeup for USC, particularly on the defensive side of the ball are rolling in on twitter and other places. Lindsey Thiry of the LA Times appears to be on top of the story on twitter. Reign of Troy has also posted an article about the story.

USC defensive coordinator Justin Wilcox, who has been under fire for some time was reportedly among the first to go. If you will recall, the heat on Justin Wilcox really turned up after the Trojans' first game against Stanford back in September. Now, less than 24 hours after a second loss to Stanford this season Wilcox has reportedly been let go.

Given how the young defensive backs looked at times this season, particularly against Oregon, a shakeup in the secondary would not be terribly shocking.

The personnel changes implemented by Clay Helton will apparently take effect immediately as the coaches reportedly let go may not be coaching USC in the Holiday Bowl.

As of now, the reported firings have been contained largely to the defensive side of the ball.

We will keep you updated as more information comes along.