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Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays from the Conquest Chronicles Staff

Plenty of great things happened this year for the USC Trojans.

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A very merry Christmas to all the Conquest Chronicles readers from your emotionally fragile staff.

It's been such a steady year where everything happened exactly like it was supposed to. We were never once on the front page of every sports publication for off the field issues, all the fans are left satisfied with our performance, and all are rejoicing in Pat Haden's unquestioned leadership as we look forward to a nice, easy schedule next year.


You are correct. I am lying.

I'll not continue to rehash the bad news here, for fear of ruining Christmas, but Trojan fans do have plenty to be happy about.

We are free, officially free of sanctions. And hey, look at that! It turns out the NCAA really does suck.

Some of the deadliest freshmen in the country are playing their football in The Coliseum. Cameron Smith is a destroyer of worlds. Biggie Marshall picked UCLA twice. Ronald Jones II is already working on Heisman buzz, including this eye-popping run against Arizona, and nobody should be sleeping on Jalen Greene.

JuJu "Mola Ram" Smith-Schuster entertained mightily, not only emerging as one of the best receivers in the country, but continually gave Pac-12 defensive backs nightmares. Poor Dominique Hatfield will never be the same.

This Adoree fellow might be pretty good too.

As for what I'd like for Christmas, maybe for the same coach to face Notre Dame two years in a row.

I also want Snoop back.

Merry Christmas and Fight On!