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Calling all USC Trojans: Join the SB Nation and Conquest Chronicles team

Do you love USC sports particularly basketball, football recruiting, baseball, or Olympic sports? Want to help build a community on one of the best platforms on the web? Come join our team. Conquest Chronicles and SB Nation need more voices to contribute to our community.

Harry How/Getty Images

Conquest Chronicles is a fan driven community that thrives on community participation. We love writing about USC and are passionate about our school but there are just too many great things happening for us to cover it all.

If you are passionate about USC sports and enjoy writing, creating podcasts, videos, social media or other forms of content I strongly urge you to consider joining our team and applying for a contributor role at Conquest Chronicles.

We would love:

• Folks who are passionate about USC athletics
• Content creators who understand social media, and know where to find story ideas
• Self-starters who are comfortable working in a remote environment
• The ability to write and create while requiring minimal editing

Previous writing experience is great, but not required.

At Conquest Chronicles you will join a team, of smart, passionate, creative and hard-working individuals. Our team has people from a wide-variety of backgrounds and we pride ourselves on helping everyone on our team improve and work towards their professional goals.

Here are what a couple of our writers have said about writing at Conquest Chronicles:

"Writing at conquest has been one of the best experiences of my life. I am truly grateful to be given the chance to cover my favorite school/team while gaining invaluable experience."

-Nick Barbarino

"Conquest helps improve my writing and networking, allowing me to gain useful feedback on how to do better and building strong relationships. Everyone is truly passionate about writing and sports."

-Trajuan Briggs

Did you also know that Conquest Chronicles is part of the SB Nation community? You can also explore what it is like writing for SB Nation HERE.

Here are what writers around the SB Nation network have to say about contributing SB Nation:

Derek Smith, Bring On The Cats:

"It didn't take long after I joined the staff at Bring On The Cats for me to see the opportunity that writing for SB Nation provides. A year after joining the staff, I had the idea to write a longform piece on K-State's 2003 Big 12 Championship. Through my affiliation with SB Nation, I was able to secure interviews with a number of former players as well as fulfilling a lifelong dream of interviewing legendary head coach Bill Snyder. The three month process of researching and writing the piece was one of the greatest experiences of my life so far. For anyone who dreams of being a serious writer but never had the chance, SB Nation is a great place to start."

Will Grubb, Drivetime Reporter/Anchor/Producer at Sports Radio 610 in Houston:

Contributing to Corn Nation was a great experience. When I started, I was an eager sophomore journalism student. Throughout my three plus years of contributing, I not only personally developed, I got a first hand look at the type of conversations that go on behind the curtain. Discussions about what is newsworthy, what is appropriate, and important insight into the best ways to format and compile web posts. These are all things I use or draw from at my current job.

Also, the personal relationships and contacts gained were well worth the time. Corn Nation has a great group, who genuinely care about creating great content. I work in radio, but at least 50% of what I do is web related. My experience with Corn Nation prepared me for that more than any class I ever took. It offered real world experience with real world exposure and at no point did it feel like work. Jon and the rest of the guys allowed a great deal of creativity and range when I was deciding how I wanted to contribute.

Martin Rickman, Uproxx:

"I can safely say without hyperbole that I wouldn't be where I am if it wasn't for SB Nation. No, really. And it's almost not a stretch to say I wouldn't be who I am without the network either. The contacts I've made, the skills I've gained, the endless repetition and practice, the freestyling, the endless amount of people I can turn to if I have a question about anything, they've all shaped me and molded me and helped guide me on this crazy winding path I'm on.

Being comfortable with myself and my abilities must have been good for me as SI approached me in 2013 to possibly replace Holly Anderson (a fellow SBN alum) at Campus Union. There isn't a day that goes by now where I'm not talking with at least one, if not half a dozen people from SBN. They're my contemporaries, my colleagues, but most importantly, my friends. It's a special place because it's filled with special people."

If you are just crazy about the USC Trojans, you should apply, that is why we are all here. If you just want to improve your skills or get a jump in sports media, you should apply too! We will gladly work with you to help you get the absolute most personally and professionally out of this gig.

To be considered, please send a resume and a writing sample to

Fight on!