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Conquest Chronicles Podcast: Episode 11-Heisman Thoughts & the NCAA vs Student Athletes

Trajuan Briggs shares his views on the Heisman voting and the uphill battle between the NCAA and Student-Athletes

Brad Penner-USA TODAY Sports

From: "McCaffrey's Road to the Heisman"

"As an ex-college football player and a man of color, I've always looked at McCaffrey's story with amazement. Despite being the son of three-time Super Bowl winner Ed McCaffrey, Christian has paved his own way on the gridiron. As a sophomore at the University of Stanford McCaffrey has broken Barry Sanders' 28-year old all-purpose yards record, recorded five games with over 300 all-purpose yards, and has made many defenses look silly this year.

When I see these stats I usually cringe with the thought "and he's only a sophomore". However for others it's different, when they hear these stats and see a photo of McCaffrey they say "That's a white boy playing like that? Or man stop playing he doesn't have speed like that". Then I turn on the tape for them, particularly the UCLA/USC games and watch them go from non-believers to McCaffrey defenders, simply amazed at how talented he truly is. McCaffrey's color of his skin does not take away his playmaking ability and in fact has caught many college football fans' attention. I'm curious to where McCaffrey will stand if he had a record-breaking season if he was a quarterback with the competitive drive and edge like Johnny Manziel or Tim Tebow? Will his accomplishments stand higher in Heisman voting? Or will it be expected?"