At least, we don't have to hear "3 in a row" or "we own the city" anymore. SC has higher standards than "owning the city."

The Trojans winning proved one thing: we have standards.

When the Bruins won 3 in a row against sanctioned SC, they bragged "we own the city" and "3 in a row," and proudly displayed it on their campus, their merchandise, etc. This is why they have never achieved success. The Bruins only care about beating SC.

What else have they accomplished despite being sanctioned SC? 0-5 vs. the Furd, and 0-2 vs. Oregon. Losing the Pac-12 South 3 years on a row despite having vastly superior talent over teams like Arizona, ASU, and Utah.

SC has standards. When we made the Bruins our bitches under Pete Carroll, he never spoke about them because we were too occupied with winning the Pac-12, Rose Bowl, and national championship. And we beat the Bruins year in and year out.

The baby bears have no standards. They live and die on 1 game, and they sleep off the other games.

Now, we're gonna hear the Bruins saying, "We're young and inexperienced" bullshit. I don't wanna hear 3 in a row, bruin revolution, or Rosen for Heisman - basically any of that bullshit - because they are the biggest underachievers in college football. They have 1 national championship in 100 years despite playing in one of the easiest places to play college football due to the local talent around southern California. The Bruins will never win anything because they're obsessed with SC and they only think about SC throughout the year. They have always said, "Wait till next year," and that's why everyone is fucking laughing at them. The media always makes a mistake on favoring the Bruins, calling them "national contenders," when their entire 100-year history has proved they are "pretenders" with only 1 national championship back in 1954. I mean, if they can't win in the Rose Bowl in November, what more in January when they're playing elite teams like Michigan or the Ohio State?

They are a Ferrari on the racetrack barely beating a Toyota and getting blown out by a Lamborghini.

Guys, SC knows success and we have high standards. The Bruins are not elite because they have no standards.

Meanwhile, we're on our way to finally play Furd and a spot on the Rose Bowl. All of this despite firing our HC middle of the year. So funny, a "down" SC team was still able to beat a "good" baby bear team. This could be the start of something special for us. Fight on!

Food for thought, our biggest rival is Notre Dame. They're our equals with their successful history and storied program. And Notre Dame is a national powerhouse. The Bruins are our baby brother, and as of right now, I would consider Furd our second rival, with the Bruins third.

"The reason I love UCLA so much is because I want to win for a school that isn't used to winning." - Josh Rosen

Their "savior" chose them due to pity. What a genius.

Speaking of, who should be our next coach?

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