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USC vs UCLA 2015: The Trojans dominate the Bruins in the Battle of LA

A strong defense a solid rushing attack helped USC dominate UCLA

Harry How/Getty Images

On the first play from the line of scrimmage USC ran the ball for a loss of one followed up by a drop by Adoree' Jackson and the drive ended with a pass at Steven Mitchell's feet. The Bruins got the ball and they too went three and out.

USC opened their second possession with several nice runs deep into UCLA Territory. The Trojans were forced to take a timeout before a big third and six in the redzone because they could not get the play in on time. On the other side of the timeout the Trojans ran the ball to Ronald Jones II for merely two yards after a missed block on the edge. Alex Wood hits the field goal and the Trojans took the lead 3-0 with 7:54 left in the first quarter.

After a solid effort in run stopping from the Trojans UCLA punted the ball away pinning USC deep in USC own territory. USC opted to throw the ball two out of three plays despite the rushing game working effectively. After a frustrating three and out UCLA took over around midfield.

Two plays later UCLA moved to the USC 28. USC was able to force a fourth and one situation but Paul Perkins survived an initial hit and ran for a 19-yard touchdown run. UCLA Bruins take a 7-3 lead with 3:26 left in the first quarter. The Perkins touchdown was a play everyone knew was coming but the Trojans could not execute and bring down Perkins.

USC takes over on their own 14. A solid 4 yard run started the series once again followed by two poorly executed pass plays. USC has their third three and out in four possessions. After the punt UCLA took over at the UCLA 41. The Bruins ran the ball three straight times the UCS Trojans are able to get off the field.

USC took over at the USC 15 but a strike to Juju Smith-Schuster moved the ball across the 40. The Trojans closed out the first quarter with a 4-yard run up the middle setting up a second and six around mid-field to start the second quarter.

Second Quarter:

After converting the first down Kessler went deep to JuJu Smith-Schuster who made the grab advancing to the 12. USC was faced with a fourth down and 1 inside the UCLA 5. They tried to hurry up and get play off but could not get set up correctly Helton took another time out. They give it to Madden up the middle and forward progress gives the Trojans the first down at the one. After an injury stoppage and another run Cody Kessler runs the ball into the endzone for the USC Touchdown! Trojans lead 10-7 with 12:04 left in the half.

The Bruins start their next drive off with a deep pass that was bobbled on the wide receiver's way out of bounds. UCLA hurried to the line and were allowed to run a play before the chains were even set in order to prevent an official review on the catch. The officials would continue to struggle with the ensuing plays but the Bruins moved the ball to the 19 before Josh Rosen, with no pressure, is able to hit Duarte for a touchdown. The Bruins took the lead 14-10 with less than ten minutes left in the half.

The Trojans are really trying to use the run to set up the pass but USC center Khaliel Rodgers was carted off the field leaving USC to use their fourth string center but the Trojans continued to move the ball and chew up clock including a huge 18 yard gain by Madden on a fourth and short that took the Trojans to the 11. A penalty stalled the drive and the Trojans settle for a field goal. Trojans trailed 14-13 with 2:47 left in the half.

This was the possession the USC defense decided to bring pressure. Rosen and the Bruin offense look dreadful and amateurish. A quick three and out forced a punt. And then, Aodree' Jackson got the ball. Jackson fielded the low kick made a few moves and took it to the house for the touchdown. Trojans take the 20-14 lead on the punt-return for a touchdown giving the Trojans the lead and firing up the home crowd.

USC would close out the half with a 6 point lead and roughly double the time of possession.

Third Quarter:

After exchanging punts to start the second half Rosen and the Bruins moved the ball down the field with relative ease Paul Perkins punched the ball in for the touchdown. Despite the success in the first half, Justin Wilcox abandoned bringing pressure on Rosen and UCLA was able to score. The Bruins retook the lead with 8:38 left in the third quarter.

A pivotal moment came when Claude Pelon knocked the ball out of Rosen's hand and Rasheem Green scooped up the ball and scored a fat guy touchdown! The Trojans went for two but a no-call on an obvious defensive holding killed the conversion.

The Trojans were up 26-21 as the Bruins went back to work on offense when the Defense struck again. The Trojans brought pressure, Rosen forced a throw and Iman Marshall snagged an interception!

The Trojans capitalized on the Biggie interception marching the ball down the field for a touchdown on an impressive reaching catch by Darreus Rogers who then stretched across the line for the score Trojans extended the lead to 33-21 late in the third.

The Trojans capitalized on the Biggie interception marching the ball down the field for a touchdown on an impressive reaching catch by Darreus Rogers who then stretched across the line for the score Trojans extended the lead to 33-21 late in the third.

The Bruins would close the third quarter out with a missed field goal. Trojans would take a 12-point lead into the final 15 minutes.

4th Quarter:

Both teams would once again exchange punts to start the fourth quarter. The Trojans took over with 13 minutes left in the game hoping to drain clock and put points on the board. Justin Davis ran the ball twice for 25 yards to get the drive started nicely. Khaliel Rodgers also returned to the game after being carted off the field.

The Trojans would ram the ball right down the UCLA defense's throat eating up huge chunks of yards and plenty of clock with Justin Davis putting in the bulk of the work. The drive was capped off with a pass to Taylor McNamara for the touchdown! The Trojans took a 40-21 lead and ripped about 7 minutes off the clock.

UCLA would continue to fight, but BIGGIE snagged his second interception of the game with 5:38 left to play and USC leading by three touchdowns. The Trojans would go right back to the ground to drain the remaining five minutes.

USC TROJANS WIN. Head to the Pac-12 Conference Championship game against Stanford. Beat the Bruins! Fight On!