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USC vs UCLA 2015: A Family Divided over the Battle for LA

There is no middle of the road come rivalry week with USC vs UCLA.

Harry How/Getty Images

At the end of each year, when the Los Angeles weather plummets relentlessly into the mid-60s, something happens in Los Angeles.

Two of the finest universities in the country each have a bonfire, sending the future doctors and industry leaders of our country into a feral state of unrest, dancing wildly around a stack of burning pallets and leaving the casual observer to wonder who's got the conch. Each school covers their mascot statue in duct tape and plywood, protecting it from adventurous frat boys looking to become folk heroes.

College sports rivalries bring out the best the worst something in all of us, and when the family tree somehow forks into unknown territory, that something can ruin birthday parties.

It's inevitable for Angelenos. It will happen. You need look no further than the Conquest Chronicles staff. Our own Julian Lopez's father is a USC season ticket holder. His grandfather... a UCLA season ticket holder. My whole family is native to LA, so I asked them to send me their predictions for the big game.

Why stir up such controversy on Thanksgiving you ask? Because I am celebrating with my wife's side this year...

Relation: Dad
Allegiance: USC


"We've got to hope our D-line can bother that little QB into making bad decisions and we get good special teams play. SC 35 - Baby Bears 24"

Shots fired. See, this is how it starts...

Relation: Brother
Allegiance: USC


"With the help of a strong rushing attack against a limping Bruin defense, USC out scores UCLA 34 - 31. Josh Rosen then returns to his dorm room pool to fill it with tears... and sorority girls."

Ha! Burn! Kind of.

Relation: Brother-In-Law
Allegiance: It's complicated


"USC's offense is too banged up to keep pace. UCLA 34 USC 27"

Yeah, well no one likes you and you're out of the family.

Relation: Sister
Allegiance: USC


"It's going to be a close game due to the inconsistency of the Trojan defense: Trojans 35 - Bruins 31... and my husband may be sleeping outside after predicting that UCLA win."


Relation: Uncle G
Allegiance: USC


"SC needs to step up their defense. Trojans have lost some of their toughness, however there is enough talent to turn this series around. Fight On! Trojans 35 Bruins 31."

Relation: Auntie A
Allegiance: UCLA


"UCLA has shown their depth and talent. Josh Rosen definitely is the real thing. Bruins will prevail! Bruins 33 Trojans 28"

Auntie A and Uncle G are married. Stuff gets real.

Relation: Uncle D
Allegiance: Arizona State


"I am whole heartily for UCLA because my brother and his entire family LOVES USC. GO DEVILS!"

My own fault for asking.