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WATCH: USC vs UCLA Game Preview with Mark Rogers TV and Conquest Chronicles

We spoke with Mark Rogers TV to preview the USC vs UCLA matchup.

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From Trajuan Briggs' preview:

"USC's offense will have a chance to erase their first half woes, and start this game off with a bang. The Trojans are facing a UCLA defense that allows 392 yards a game, 183 being on the ground. If the Trojans game plan on getting the run going like it did against Oregon (186 yards), look forward to the Trojans keeping this game close. Justin Davis and Ronald Jones II will have to make every carry count and make opportunities for themselves. This will open up the passing game on Saturday as the Bruins are giving up an impressive 208 yards a game. With weapons like Smith-Schuster along with Rogers and Mitchell emerging, the Trojans can very well challenge Randall Goforth and a solid secondary."

From "The impact of the UCLA game on Clay Helton's future":

"Helton resumed the "Interim" moniker for a second time since 2013, and after a stumble in South Bend, the Trojans went on to win 4 straight, including a very convincing victory over then 3rd ranked Utah. The fairy tale ended this last weekend however, when USC lost a track meet to Oregon in Eugene.

If you were to ask the guys in pads and helmets, I think you'd find their support unwavering. "I feel like we're coming together as a unit," mused Adoree Jackson after beating Cal on Halloween. "Defensively, offensively and just going out there and having fun and playing for our coach." Chris Hawkins even used the F-word, remarking, "He has made us a real family." "He has my vote 100%"."