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What USC Fans should be thankful for

It's Thanksgiving. Here are some things USC fans should be thankful

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

USC is one of the most distinguished universities in the nation, both academically and athletically. Here are some things that USC fans should be thankful for:

1) Howard Jones: You can't start talking about football at USC without mentioning Howard Jones. Jones won four national championships at USC from 1922-1940

2) Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum: One of the most historic stadiums in college football and home to the Trojans. We can also put the Rose Bowl in here as well as it has become the Trojans second home. USC has the most Rose Bowl victories in college football by a landslide.

3) Great Head Coaches: John McKay, John Robinson, and Pete Carroll. All three had very successful careers as head coaches of the Trojans. No, I will not mention Paul Hackett. Not even as a joke.

4) Tailback U: USC has five Heisman winners who were running backs at USC. From O.J. Simpson and Charles White to Reggie and Lendale. USC has had some amazing running backs. My personal favorite: Sam "Bam" Cunningham

5) Tommy Trojan and Traveler: Symbols of USC

6) Anthony Davis vs. Notre Dame: Scored 11 touchdowns against Notre Dame in three games. Remember 1972, I am sure Notre Dame fans do.

7) The "Bush Push": Speaking of Notre Dame, what a game these two rivals played in 2005.

8) Return to Dominance: From 2002 to 2008, USC lost nine games and had a winning streak of 34.

9) Number "55": Easily the most famous number in USC history. Great linebackers that have worn that number include: Chris Claiborne, Willie McGinest, Keith Rivers, and Junior Seau.

10) Ron Dedeaux: Dedeaux Field, home of the USC baseball team, is named after legendary USC baseball coach Ron Dedeaux. Dedeaux won 11 national championships at USC including five straight from (1970-1974).

11) Baseball Stars: Randy Johnson, Fred Lynn, Tom Seaver, just to name a few.

12) Sam Berry: One of only three coaches to lead a team to the Final Four and College World Series. USC has only been to the final four twice, once was under Sam Berry.

13) USC Track and Field: According to USC Track and Field, 157 Trojans have competed in the Olympics and they have combined to win 46 Olympic Gold Medals. In fact, since 1912, there has been only five summer olympics where a Trojan didnt win a gold medal.

14) The Spirit of Troy: The most famous marching band in the world.

15) Louis Zamperini: The greatest Trojan (in my opinion) of all-time. Even after his passing in 2014, his spirit will continue to live on for years to come.

16) You, the fans: Trojan fans stick together and stick with their team even when there are struggles.

17) Stars of USC: Neil Armstrong, George Lucas, and John Wayne

18) Pac-12 Dominance: USC has a winning record against every single Pac-12 team all-time. Since it is UCLA week, USC has won 46 of the 84 meetings.

19) Keck Medical Center: On a personal note, they saved my grandfather's life.

(Did I miss one and I am sure I did, comment below.)