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2015 USC Football: The Latest and Greatest links from around the web for November 24, 2015

We search for the latest and greatest USC Trojans stories from around the web so that you don't have to.

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We are expanding! . . . Now onto the links.

It's Rivalry Week guys, and you know what that means. The Trojans have one more chance to keep their dreams of a post season alive, but they'll first have to get through local rivals and current powerhouse UCLA for the chance. Trajuan Briggs has more on what's sure to be a can't-miss game this Saturday.

Fox Sports calls it more than just a rivalry game, as the annual match up will determine who moves on to the Pac-12 championship game this year. To amp yourself up for the now historic tradition, the LA Times has a retrospective of some of the more exciting games throughout the rival's shared history.

Meanwhile, USC's basketball continues their run, easily winning their home game against Cal State Northridge 96-61. Now 4-0, if you didn't catch the game thread last night, check out USA Today's piece on the young team. The LA Times also points out that the team has had a relatively easy start to the season, and that tougher challenges may be ahead.

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