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USC Trojans Football 2015: How to watch and stream USC at Oregon Ducks

The USC Trojans control their own destiny in the Pac-12 but face a tough test on the road against a surging Oregon team.

Chris Humphreys-USA TODAY Sports

USC Trojans at Oregon Ducks

Time: 12:30 P.T.

Broadcast: ESPN


Game Preview

Players to watch

Advanced Stats

Pac-12 South Scenarios

Staff Predictions

Game preview from addicted to quack.

"Crowd - will you show up? I made it a point to call out the Oregon fans a couple weeks ago, after subpar performances to start the season. Now, riding a four-game win streak, with USC in town and a (faint) shot at a Pac-12 title, there is no excuse for Autzen not to be back to the Autzen of old. It's going to be cold and sunny, with an earlier than normal kickoff; a national TV audience; and, like I said, IT'S FREAKING USC. All Oregon fans asked is that the team turn it around and make something out of what was becoming a dumpster fire of a season - they have. Now, it's time to give them the home-field advantage they need and deserve."

Addicted to Quack reviews DeForest Buckner and the Oregon defense.

"What Oregon has specifically been doing for a while now, and is now gaining steam as a nation-wide tactic, is to employ 4i technique DL within an odd (three down linemen) front and turning the DE position from an "attack the edge" weapon into a position with multiple roles and responsibilities that primarily set up the linebackers to be the playmakers."

More advanced stats from Addicted to Quack.

"for the third week in a row Oregon faces the hardest offense they've faced all year! Though it's really not that fair - Stanford was ahead last week before they ran into the defensive buzzsaw of Oregon and Joe Walker. The main difference between USC and Stanford is that USC is much, much better on passing downs, especially on getting big plays. Getting USC off the field is going to be tough.

USC's defense is also pretty close to Stanford (46th) and slightly worse than Michigan State (35th). USC is better against the run than both of those teams, which should be a bit concerning. They're also close to how good MSU is against big plays. Otherwise pretty close."