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USC Trojans Men's Basketball: USC defeats Monmouth 101-90

Monmouth defeated UCLA but USC put up triple digits in the eleven-point victory over Monmouth

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From Zach Helfand at the Los Angeles Times:

"Monmouth mounted the same spirited road performance it had against UCLA. Again, the Hawks muscled their way to the free-throw line. Again, they bombarded their opponent with three-pointers. They made 10 of 26 tries, and Justin Robinson led with 28 points.

USC weathered it all with confident guard play. In a tight final five minutes, Enfield opted for four guards — McLaughlin, Julian Jacobs, Elijah Stewart and Katin Reinhardt."

From Alicia de Artola at Reign of Troy:

"Monmouth upset UCLA in overtime on Friday so while USC let the Hawks back into the game, they also showed the ability to withstand some adversity. The Trojans enjoyed big contributions from a host of players on their way to 100 points, while shooting 50% from the floor and 35% from distance. Jordan McLaughlin, Elijah Stewart and Nikola Jovanovic each added 20+ points to the scoreline while Julian Jacobs was just one point shy of doing the same."

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