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2015 USC Football: The Latest and Greatest links from around the web for November 11, 2015

We search for the latest and greatest USC Trojans stories from around the web so that you don't have to.

Harry How/Getty Images

We are expanding! . . . Now onto the links.

Lots of new stuff on the site today. First off we have an in-depth recap on last week's game against Arizona by Trajuan Briggs. There's also a preview for Friday's away game against Colorado by Julian Lopez. And then Brandon Austin gives you all of his previews and predictions for the upcoming basketball season.

Your injury report update for the week includes a potentially still injured Tre Madden, with Ronald Jones II looking to fill the void especially after last week's outstanding performance, according to the LA Times. According to Reign of Troy, Claude Pelon was carted off the practice field for the second time this season yesterday, so his presence in the game on Friday is suspect.

Meanwhile, Fox Sports draws comparisons between Clay Helton's interim coach performance and that of Ed Orgeron. FiveThirtyEight also took the time to tweak their college playoff predictive model, which had put USC at a 4% chance of making the playoffs, and now with the changes in place puts them at a much more dismal (but maybe logical) 1% chance.

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