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2015 USC Football: College Analyst Joel Klatt isn’t fam

Joel Klatt thinks USC just is not tough enough.

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Joel Klatt, new head college football analyst at Fox Sports, isn't about USC football.

That's alright though, ESPN still shows love...Sometimes.

USC was picked to win the Pac-12 Conference in a preseason media poll. However, now that the team is actually playing football, the expectations are changing and haters are coming forward.

During a visit to the the Colin Cowherd show, where great journalism happens, Klatt shared a few notes about USC's current football program. He says, "It's a very talented team that's not going to reach expectations."

"They aren't going to win the South Division, they aren't going to win the Pac-12," Klatt said. "They're just not tough enough." According to Lindsey Thiry of the Los Angeles Times.

First off, this is completely unrelated to everything but this is Mr. Klatt's Wikipedia photo (Via Creative Commons).

Joel Klatt with Barnett

By Tufts54 (Own work) [CC BY-SA 3.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons

Dear Fox Sports, get this man a headshot. Or at least borrow one of Erin Andrews. She has enough to go around.

Second, Klatt's normally on point so this little oversight is forgivable. Even though at the very least he could have gave a little bit of a shout out to USC's offence. But, whatever, everybody gets one slip.

Last week, on the Herd show, Klatt gave credit to the always ignored Michigan State (A team that just finished struggling to beat Purdue).

"They've only lost three games in the last three years," Klatt said. "They have one of the best wins in the country this year, beating Oregon at home. They have earned the No. 1 spot."

In the past, Klatt has also said very intelligent things about Alabama and Ohio State.

The Trojans are currently ranked 17th in the AP Poll. But, PSA: It's still really earlier in the season.