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USC Trojans Interim Head Coach Clay Helton Says Steve Sarkisian Will Coach Again

Helton continues to back Sarkisian as a coach and a friend.

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

The Trojans' interim head coach Clay Helton took to the airwaves today to show his continued support for Steve Sarkisian.

Still riding high after dismantling #3 ranked Utah at the Coliseum this weekend, Helton was a guest on the Dan Patrick Show this morning and took the opportunity to back his former boss.

Helton said of the beleaguered Sarkisian:

"He's going to get healthy and get back to what he loves to do . . . He's a fine coach and a fine man,"

When asked if he still keeps in touch, Helton remarked that he talks to Sarkisian on a weekly basis and is sure to wish him well each time.

As delicately as possible, Patrick asked Helton if he had ever looked back on his days working with Sarkisian and wondered if anything may have clued him in that something may be amiss. Helton would not take the bait.

"Those private moments with coach I'm going to leave private. All I can say is coach Sarkisian is going to be back one day. He's good for football and good in kid's lives and I look forward to that day."

At a time when pundits, Twitter-ati, and College GameDay signs are lining up to take cheap shots at the embattled coach, it's nice to hear the head of the Trojan family keep it classy.

Helton was also bullish on the team's outlook for the future, citing the incredible talent and caliber of USC's program.

"This place will always be special. Not just now but for years to come."