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USC Trojans Coaching Search 2015: Week 8 Roundtable discussion

The Conquest Chronicles staff shares their predictions and preferences for the next USC Trojans head football coach. This week we discuss Tom Herman, Mark Dantonio, Kirby Smart and more.

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Several NFL coaches including Jeff FisherJon HarbaughSean PaytonMike Tomlin, and Chip Kelly had their names mentioned as potential USC candidates but this week the staff thinks the next USC coach will come from the college ranks.

Trajuan Briggs: I would want to see Alabama's defensive coordinator Kirby Smart at USC. He has been Saban's play caller on defense and has had many top defenses since he's taken the job in Tuscaloosa. Not only has he had top defenses but have also had top defensive players in the nation, which is another huge positive for Smart's resume.

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Julian Lopez: Who I think the new coach will be: Someone we won't expect. Not to be cliché, but USC needs to get away from the big name coaches that they have gone after in the past. They also need to move on from the Pete Carroll era. Two guys that stand out to me are Tom Herman and Pat Fitzgerald. Herman is the current head coach at Houston and an offense-minded coach who was named the Broyles Award winner in 2014 at Ohio State, which is given to the nation's top assistant coach. Trojan fans know Fitzgerald as he was on the 1995 Northwestern Rose Bowl team. I love his demeanor and I think Fitzgerald would be a great fit for USC. These might not be two household names but when Pete Carroll was hired, the reaction after was negative and we all know how that turned out.

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Andrew Green:

"Mark Dantonio has a record of 82-31 at Michigan State and will have won at least 10 games in 5 of the past 6 seasons (assuming his 7-0 Spartans don't collapse). Having taken over one of the middle-of-the-road Big Ten teams, he has turned Sparty into a powerhouse and a legitimate National Championship contender. His team is cruising following this week's improbable 27-23 win, but that doesn't mean the writing isn't on the wall."

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Nick Dempsey: Given how the last coaching search went it will be difficult to predict what will happen this time around. Steve Sarkisian was not the right hire and the process in hiring Sark was at best flawed. Will the process be improved this time around? Tough to say, but it complicates everyone's ability to make an accurate prediction because we do not have confidence that the most logical selection will be made.

The elite recruits will still be interested in USC so I would love to hire someone who can coach players up and get them producing beyond their talent level. Pete Carroll did very well in recruiting, but he was able to get those players producing at a world class level. There are several coaches out there that are highly skilled at doing this, but I'm just not sure if any of them are interested in coming to USC. Like Andrew Green said, it does make Mark Dantonio an intriguing selection. Right now, the ‘safest' prediction is probably Jeff Fisher of the Rams or Chip Kelly from the Eagles, but I would not be surprised if neither of them coach the Trojans next season.

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