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2015 USC Football: The Latest and Greatest links from around the web for October 17, 2015

We search for the latest and greatest USC Trojans stories from around the web so that you don't have to.

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We are expanding! . . . Now onto the links.

On the page today, assorted Conquest Chronicles staff give you their predictions for the game against Notre Dame. Andrew Green also gives you the over/under for the game, as well as the rundown on any other betting odds you might be curious about and Saman Djabbari looks ahead, giving you all a preview of the advanced stats for the game.

Everyone has a different opinion on what direction USC should take their search for a head coach. Chris Dufresne over at the LA Times gives his takes on the search in this week's edition of his college football mailbag.

There's also some much more specific rumors about the ongoing search for a head coach, the most recent one being that Baltimore Ravens head coach John Harbaugh was "on the short list" of candidates being pursued, or at least according to radio host Dan Patrick. Harbaugh promptly put these rumors to rest, telling reporters he had no plans to leave his current coaching gig. The official Ravens website also echoed this sentiment.

Meanwhile, USC turns their focus to their rivalry game against the Fighting Irish. Fox Sports writes about Notre Dame's embarrassing loss to the Trojans last season, and interim head coach gives his final presser for the week ahead of the big game.

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