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The Completely Tongue-in-cheek Haters guide to the Notre Dame Fighting Irish

Here are 10 fun factoids and observations about our rivals the Fighting Irish of Notre Dame

Christian Petersen/Getty Images

How to Properly Hate on Notre Dame this weekend with 10 quick facts to prove once and for all that Notre Dame is truly a special place.

1) Despite firing Charlie Weis in 2009, Notre Dame is still paying his salary in 2015. He was such a bad coach that football power Kansas has hired and fired him during this time.

2) Lou Holtz says things that make Mark May look reasoned and measured.

3) Their mascot is a ginger wearing knickerbockers and a top hat.

4) Their coach looks like a bigger and sadder version of their mascot.

5) Everything involving Brady Quinn and this EAS commercial.

6) Despite all the fanfare over their football program, they haven't had a Top 10 finish in years.

7) First round NFL Draft picks since Bryant Young in 1994.

8) They were so bad in the 2013 National Championship game that it got Brent Musburger in trouble.


10) This

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Fight On!

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