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USC Football 2015: A depressing weekend

Last weekend was a difficult one for many folks.

Christian Petersen/Getty Images

Every so often I get into a mood.

My wife can see it coming a mile away and she will usually sigh deeply, and then dutifully begin parenting our kids for both of us while I sulk in a strange, melancholic haze. I'd wager most football fans would not be surprised, Trojan fans especially, to learn that it sets in mostly on weekends in the fall.

This last one was no exception. In some cruel twist, it started on Thursday. I was at the game in 2010 when Jake Locker picked up 4th and 10 off of his wrong foot to knock the, then 18th ranked, Trojans off course.

The Huskies head coach at the time was Steve Sarkisian.

Anyway, time to exorcise those demons. I settled in with, what were sure to be, celebratory chocolate chip cookies and milk. Then Cody Kessler threw 2 interceptions in the first quarter.

"I'll put the kids to bed." Thank you, dearest.

Friday brought promise of hope. The mighty Dodgers with home field advantage against the evil Mets. Kershaw at home... this should be quick.

"I'll put the kids to bed." Thank you, dearest.

I suppose I'll switch over to soccer. We've got Mexico's number lately. Russia, here we come.

"I think I'll go to bed a little early. Long day." Yes, yes it has been a long day, dearest.

In this one hellish instant, all the haters were right. ALL OF THEM. Joel Klatt, the nation of Mexico, the Eastern Seaboard, everyone.

My blood was boiling. My mind immediately conjured some of the most hateful and vitriolic barbs of my life to date and not one of them had anything to do with sports. Seething, I ran for my phone. Ooh, you're all gonna get it now!

"Why don't you give me your phone for a while?"
Fine. Where's my laptop?
But I just used it t--
Oh, I see. Thank you, dearest.

And then came Sunday. It's hard to tell through all the contempt, but if I understand correctly, a human being has been humiliated on the nation's biggest stage. In a few short months he has lost his marriage, what seems like his sobriety, and now his job, and all for our viewing pleasure.

Here are some highlights making their way around the global information superhighway. I'll ignore the spelling and grammar in light of the point I am trying to make...

"Booze ya right , the guy is a junkie"

"and that's why it's called The CLOWN School...

"Steve Sarkisian losin games but never losing the party"

I reiterate; a man has lost his family, his health and his job. Maybe there were plenty of well wishes, but I certainly didn't see them in any of my timelines. Just capitalization. A human man was reduced to an opportunity for Retweets. A legion of faceless, nameless, opportunists took shot after shot in what probably felt like Christmas.

I've been a Trojan fan long enough to weather storms. My own extended family are split between Westwood and Downtown, and there have been some good ol' fashioned ribbings at everyone's expense over the years. That's what makes football fun.

But I find myself depressed now and it has nothing to do with football.

I am depressed because I am absolutely no different.