Way to early #4 ranking – Reality check

Sark’s #1 job is to make sure that the team doesn’t buy into the press clippings, whether or not this year’s recruiting class is rated #1 or #10. All he has to do is remind the team of what happened the last time they were ranked #1 in the pre-season poll under Kiffin.

I find it interesting that the pundits are probably selecting the top teams based on talent. They certainly are not selecting based on the coach’s resume or ability. Sark, to-date as a head coach, has not won a division, conference or national title. Additionally, I’m not sure he’s learned from his past mistakes. I thought the corner was finally turned at the ND game but then came Nebraska and it was déjà vu. So how in the world can you pick USC in the top 4 in the pre-season polls. Oh yea, I forgot – Sark stated that the Trojans future is ridiculously bright. That by itself should warrant the rating.

As a quick aside. watching my beloved Packers blow the game yesterday was made bearable only because Seattle is coached by Pete Carroll. My guess is that PC said the right things at halftime and at the sidelines. I was not surprised that Seattle won at the end of the day. PC’s teams have historically overcome adversity. Needless to say, I hope PC sports a second NFL championship ring in a couple of weeks!

If the current Trojans were coached by McKay, Robinson or Carroll [only referring to coaches that I saw coach], I would whole-heartedly agree with the rating. Judging by what I saw this year, either Sark wasn’t paying attention to what PC was saying at half-time and on the sidelines during his time here or isn’t able to apply the learnings into practice. Here's hoping for Sark that a year older turns into a year smarter.

I hope the fall pre-season poll has them ranked between 10-15. That would make sense and give the team the incentive to actually earn a top 4 ranking by year’s end.

PS: Can't remember the last HC to call his own plays that won a National Championship.

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