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USC Football Links: Sark Era Off to Good Start

Thoughts from around the country on USC's blowout of Fresno State and the fabulous freshman, along with recruiting and alum top news.

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USC heads to Stanford for a showdown with its nerdy rival from the Bay Area, but health is becoming a concern after the Cody Kessler had a toe procedure on Tuesday and a pair of linemen, including preseason All-American Leonard Williams, didn't finish Tuesday's practice.

We've been keeping you up to date on all the USC-related news. Above are some photos from Tuesday's morning practice and here are the top articles from us in the last couple days:

Around the web, USC has obviously been a hot topic as well after Steve Sarkisian's successful debut. Here's the best USC football stories about the current, former and future Trojans:

USC vs. Fresno State Musings

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