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Jason Derulo To Perform at Halftime of USC/Oregon State

Multi-platinum recording artist will perform with the Spirit of Troy

Isaac Brekken

On Tuesday, we teased and talked dirty about the possibility that there might be a celebrity appearance during the USC/Oregon State's halftime performance.

The Spirit of Troy marching band initially tweeted that r&b/pop star Jason Derulo had stopped by to rehearse with the band, but quickly changed that tweet and wiggle wiggled its way to a tweet that said Derulo had just stopped by the marching band's practice.

But whatcha say? On Friday afternoon, the USC Spirit of Troy Marching Band published a press release on its Facebook page announcing that Derulo will be joining the "Greatest Marching Band in the History of the Universe" to perform his song "Trumpets."

Jason Derulo has been in Los Angeles this week after attending a celebrity charity basketball game at the Galen Center on Sunday.

...and now I'm going to be ridin' solo because his song "it girl" is stuck in my head. I quit.