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Coaches Talking About USC vs. Oregon State

Hear what a couple of former Trojans, Mike Riley and Steve Sarkisian, have to say about this Saturday's late-night meeting at the Coliseum.

Another great meeting of former Trojans at the Coli.
Another great meeting of former Trojans at the Coli.
Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports


On playing with pace: "It will be interesting to watch which team will control the pace and play the game at their (given) tempo."

On 1st down: "First-and-10 really sets all that stuff up (red zone, goal-line plays). We've made it a point of emphasis to win first-and-10s. We have been competing first and tens, goods on goods, and we hope our execution is better."


On Cody Kessler: "He's been really good, really talented passer. Good arm, good passer, good release. All the good things that make you a good quarterback."

On facing USC's pass defense: "I'm hoping we can get into the end zone. They get very stingy (in the red zone).

On Leonard Williams: "We're just gonna have to block him, there's no getting around that. Whether you are running or passing you just have to block him."

On Buck Allen: "He's another one of a group of those players, you could just about go position by position on this team and just about any spot, look at some good talent."