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Josh Shaw Update from His Roommate Kevon Seymour

Cornerback Kevon Seymour says he hasn't talked to roommate Josh Shaw.

After a tumultuous week that saw starting cornerback Josh Shaw lauded a hero and then ultimately found to be lying and suspended indefinitely from all team activities and backup running back Anthony Brown quit and call head coach Steve Sarkisian racist, the USC football team was looking forward to getting back on the field and playing some football.

That might not have been true of anyone more than Kevon Seymour, who shared the cornerback position with Brown last season and has shared a room with Shaw.

In the video interview above, Seymour talks about finally being able to get back on the field and proving that the team wasn't being torpedoed by the off-the-field issues.

"Just to show everybody that the situation wasn't affecting us," Kevon Seymour said. "Adversity, it's nothing to our team. We have great leaders on the team to help us prepare for that, so it wasn't a problem at all."

When asked how the Josh Shaw Saga affected him personally, with Shaw being his roommate, Seymour said it was nothing that was going to affect him or the team: "Life is life."

Kevon Seymour added that he hasn't "really talked to him, but I'm pretty sure he's doing good. He's in God's hands, so he's gonna be alright. He's a great dude."

The junior cornerback also said the team can't keep worrying about that situation because it is in the past. Instead, the best thing they can do is push forward and let his situation resolve itself.

"We're just trying to have fun and win games."

52-13 seemed pretty fun.