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Pat Haden's Year in Troy Review: 2013-2014

Another great year in USC Athletics across the board.

Pat Haden has to be proud of the non-revenue accomplishments.
Pat Haden has to be proud of the non-revenue accomplishments.
Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Both as a leader of students and a great representative of what the entire Trojan Family can accomplish, Athletic Director Pat Haden has seen plenty of tremendous feats. But as we kick off the start of Fall Camp, the beginning of a new sporting calendar, Haden takes an inside look at some of the greatest accomplishments from the USC athletic program.

Some key notes: USC won its 100th team national championship as the legendary coaching duo of Peter Smith (MTENN) and Jovan Vavic (MWPOLO) each posted National Championships this past year. Sand Volleyball coach Anna Collier was named National Coach of the Year and Annie Park (WGOLF) won the Individual National Championship, along with multiple men's and women's swimming/diving championships.

Some key notes from the classroom: 27 students posted a perfect 4.0 GPA, the collective spring sports GPA was the highest it has been in the past 20 years and 34 students graduated with honors this past year. With that said, watch and enjoy Haden's yearly address and the best sporting highlights of the past calendar year.