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USC Football Links: Most Dominant NCAA Defender

News about Pac-12 tempo, Leonard Williams, Buck Allen, Denzel Washington, Devon Kennard and more.

How has Darreus Rogers reacted to being second string?
How has Darreus Rogers reacted to being second string?
Ethan Miller

USC football season begins TOMORROW with the Trojans taking on Fresno State, but USC has already lost starting cornerback Josh Shaw indefinitely and backup running Anthony Brown quit the team.

We've been keeping up with all the developments throughout both the Shaw and Brown/Sarkisian storylines, but also everything else USC related. Here are the top articles from us in the last couple days:

Around the web, USC has obviously been a hot topic as well. Here's the best USC football stories about the current, former and future Trojans:

2014 USC Season

  • Game Day on Campus | USC now has a site dedicated to Game Day, including a map of all the Game Day activities and all the rules and regulations...sorry guys No DJs.

  • Is anybody else ready for some football? After one of the strangest weeks in the history of USC football, Garry Paskiewicz writes about how USC Trojans finally get to play football.

  • Are the Los Angeles and Hollywood tides turning? Denzel Washington...aka Remember the Titans' Coach Herman Boone shows up at UCLA practice.

  • The Pac-12 has becomes fast & furious writes LARegister's Rich Hammond. And how about this pair of quotes:

    "It’s startling, how quickly the plays come," said former USC coach John Robinson, who has watched practices run by new Coach Steve Sarkisian. "I asked him, ‘When a play is over, don’t you have to think about down and distance?’ He said, ‘No, no.’ They’ve got plays ready for everything, to call right away."
    "Sark is going from the Denny’s menu to the 3-by-5 card," former UCLA coach Rick Neuheisel said, referring to the size of coaches’ play-call sheets. "Tempo is a real weapon in football."
  • USC stud defensive lineman Big Leonard Williams is the Most Dominant Defensive Prospect in college football.

  • ESPN's Pac-12 Blog predicts the conference's most surprising player in 2014. Kevin Gemmell makes the case for Buck Allen.

  • They also predict the conference's games this week. Spoiler: None of them are giving Fresno a shot.

  • The Pac-12 Blog also poses and attempts to answer this question and five others:

    "Right now, all eyes are going to be on USC and its new head coach. It’s been an embarrassing week for the Trojans. Remember what happened last time this team felt embarrassed? Ed Orgeron pulled them together and unified them. Can Steve Sarkisian do the same?"

  • Ted Miller tries to predict where the Pac-12 teams will land during bowl season.

  • How will Darreus Rogers respond after losing his starting spot? Rogers says it has him motivated.
  • Neon Tommy's Luke Holthouse went to USC pep rally Thursday night. Apparently, he was one of the only ones...and he's miffed why the Song Girls and Trojan Fever dancers aren't one and the same.
  • And here's Fresno State Bulldogs head coach Tim DeRuyter talking about the Bulldogs' chances on Saturday:

Former Trojans

  • Matt Cassel went on the Dan Patrick show and talked about being in a locker room with 6 other players from the USC/UCLA rivalry. He confirmed that USC dominates football in Los Angeles.

  • Say what? -- Gregg Rosenthal of answered some questions about the New York Giants and suggested this:

    "On defense, fifth-round pick Devon Kennard could start at safety. He looks like a big hitter."

  • Devon Kennard was also one of the 5 Giants starters to watch closely during Thursday's final preseason game because:

    "This could be Kennard's last chance to prove he deserves to be the starting strongside linebacker, even ahead of veteran Jameel McClain, who is currently playing in the middle."

  • An Atlanta Falcons blog makes the case for "Why the Falcons should sign Xavier Grimble." Grimble, of course, was just recently released by the New York Giants after not being able to get on the field to prove himself, due to hamstring issues.