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USC Sights and Sounds From Pac-12 Media Day

Check out some of the most interesting Trojan conversation.

Cody Kessler battled lots of questions about opposing Pac-12 QB's
Cody Kessler battled lots of questions about opposing Pac-12 QB's
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"We're just trying to recruit the people that fit us the best. We're not chasing stars. We're chasing the best people, the best players to come here that are going to help our program continue to grow, get better, and compete for championships year-in and year out."

"I think you learn to work hard when you're from Torrance, to push yourself to try to achieve some of the things that you want to achieve, and to have the opportunity now after growing up watching SC football, after coming to SC out of high school as a baseball player, after being here as an assistant coach for seven years with some tremendous experiences, to now be back as a head coach, it's humbling."

"I thought they were a talented group. I didn't know about the culture. I didn't know about the makeup. I didn't know about maybe where some of the depth issues could be. As we got going into spring ball and watched the development of some of the players that red-shirted...Now we still have plenty of work to do. Believe me. We're not out of the woods. We have a lot of work to do. But if we can do it the right way and manage them the right way, I really think we have a chance."

"I didn't think that much about No. 1 overall, to be honest. The hard part for me, is we have what 276 All-Americans, and if we reserved everyone's number then we would have no numbers left. If he (Darreus Rogers) wants to wear it, then I don't really have an issue...BYU never asks me about wearing No. 12 every season."

"I don't want to disclose all the game-day activities and atmosphere. But I will say this, it should be a home-field advantage. When you put 90,000 people in the building, it should be hard to play in. We have to help generate that. We have to create that excitement. So hopefully we can get that done."

"We've modified our camp schedule. We won't ever change the intensity of practice. We're going to practice hard. If you ask our players they'll tell you the same thing, we practice hard. It's physical, mentally challenging. How much is the key."