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Back In The Day: John McKay's Trojan Practice Session From 1963

The black and white footage paints an interesting picture about USC's dominance way back when.

AP Photo

In the spirit of Transformation Tuesday, or even Throwback Thursday for that matter, much has changed for Troy over the past 50 years but the eye-opening footage uncovered by the USC Video Department certainly peaks our interest.

Heading into camp following legendary coach John McKay's first national championship campaign with USC, beating Wisconsin 42-37 in the 1962 Rose Bowl, the Trojans returned to campus focused on winning back-to-back titles.

USC finished tied for first in the AAWU (7-3, 3-1) dropping the title to Washington on a coin clip, but the Trojans finished strong ending the regular season with an emphatic 26-6 victory over UCLA one week after the assassination of President Kennedy.

Led by quarterback Willie Brown and leading tailback, and future Athletic Director, Mike Garrett, the Trojans entered the season with high hopes and plenty of competition on the practice field. Check out this great black and white footage of his players catching passes, strapping up the equipment and driving that old-fashioned sled.