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USC Increases Food Budget Pledging Over $1 Million Annual Improvement

The Athletic Department continues to bolster up on those savory snacks.

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

USC was right on the money adopting four-year scholarships for revenue student athletes, and now the Trojans are preparing to enhance their all-inclusive food program for student athletes in each of the 21 NCAA programs.

Taking advantage of new legislation regarding student-athlete food policy, the Trojan Athletic Department is providing a new "enhanced fueling plan" for student-athletes, which will cost the university over $1 million each year.

"This is more than just allowing more food to be brought to the table," said USC sports nutritionist Becci Twombley.

"This offers the opportunity to implement a department-wide fueling philosophy that brings the science of recovery nutrition to all 21 of USC's sports. Providing the tools that each student-athlete needs based on their position, role and performance goals will give our student-athletes the opportunity to achieve their potential from the inside out."

The new fueling program builds off the state of the art initiative to where all student-athletes, both scholarship and walk-ons, will look to supplement USC's workout programs hopefully giving the Trojans the edge late in the season.

Twombley adds that "USC will add high protein foods to its fueling stations in the McKay and Galen Center, smoothie stations will be enhanced to allow for better customization of recovery fueling, and snack bags will be available to provide high antioxidant foods to control inflammation." In essence, the best an athlete could ever ask for.

While no athletes will ever be as hungry as say Shabazz Napier, Trojan athletes will continue to receive the best and brightest snacks before, during and after every day of the college athlete experience. Fuel on Trojans, and rest up for another exciting season searching to extend the school's 100 Team National Championships.