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Would USC Be Wise To Change Its Look By Updating The Helmet?

This could be interesting, assuming you like change.

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

USC always been about being ahead of the game in issues of players rights, overall funding and safety both on and off the field, but when it comes to tradition, some things can take a whole lot longer to stick.

The company that designs USC helmets posted this photo on social media Thursday morning, which makes us wonder whether the Trojan Athletic Brass actually have an increased interest in changing helmets for the upcoming season.

We know the University of Southern California is synonymous with the classic apparel, but that flashy helmet actually looks quite stylish for today's collegiate landscape, which could bring even more excitement back to the Coliseum.

While change seems rare in regards to USC's in-game apparel, Michael Castillo of Reign of Troy points out that change, even in just simple baby steps, has happened before.

"In 1992, the Trojans played with Tommy Trojan's image on their helmets. In 2002, Pete Carroll brought back the John McKay era jerseys from the 1960s and added a little shine to the traditional USC football helmet. In 2011, they wore black socks, followed by a 2012 season in which they wore cardinal and gold socks, along with with cardinal and gold cleats."

Coach Steve Sarkisian has been open to changing up designs, dating back to his coaching days with Washington, but the former Trojan player, coach and assistant understands the meta message behind such movement. Sarkisian wants to spice up the Football program and every calculated measure works towards the end goal of making USC the historical, powerful and also cool place to play college football moving forward.

Whether you like it, love it, hate it, or feel empowered to storm the steps of the McKay Center, the helmets are near the bottom on an ever-growing list of major improvements coming to Southern California. Say what you want about the helmets, but Steve Sarkisian and the Athletic Department will soon enough #TurnUpSC by any means necessary.