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The Coliseum Fan Experience Will Look Somewhat Different This Year

USC wants to renovate the Coliseum but for now, they've made some slight changes to the seating alignment.

Stephen Dunn

USC has decided to mold the in-game fan experience for the upcoming season, in the midst of a wide slew of changes that are expected to change over the next few years at the Los Angeles Coliseum.

Pat Haden warned fans that changes would be coming, in his monthly State of Troy address last week, and those improvements will move the Peristyle Club Experience from up and above the Coliseum Arch down right to field level.

The first of which centers around on-field suites and premium clubs located on and around the East End Zone side of the Coliseum. It will certainly be an awesome experience for the fans before and during the event, but look where the seats will be placed, right where the Spirit of Troy and other USC students usually sit during games.


The Field Seats will provide 100 members with a unique pre-and post-game tailgating experience, including all-inclusive upscale food and beverage, cash bar, shaded lounge seating, music and live T.V. sports. Pretty much all the amenities you could ask for in the home-like experience and for $6,750 to be exact, you can buy on-field USC football seats.

For only $600 dollars during the regular season, you can purchase the Peristyle Club package that includes all the nice perks, with great locations for the pre-game Trojan Walk, which takes place two hours before each game as the team arrives via bus at the East end of Christmas Tree Lane and walks into the Coliseum through the Peristyle.

With the University of Southern California now in full control of the Coliseum, plenty of changes to the overall fan experience, including an entire overhaul. The main campaign was announced earlier this summer, including luxury boxes, fully enhanced elevators and stairs allowing for more movement with the addition of extra bathrooms and food spots.

Pat Haden, back in April, on the possible Coliseum renovations

"If we do nothing beyond the required $70 million in enhancements, the Coliseum will slip decades behind most other premier venues in the country. We will fall short in addressing not only many on-going issues and problems (life-safety, ADA, mechanical, electrical, plumbing, general infrastructure, ingress and egress, restroom, concession, audio-visual, football operation, sports medicine, media and technology), but there will be an overall lack of fan amenities."

In terms of moving the Peristyle Club though, that means the Spirit of Troy and overflow student section will be on the move. They might be placed father back and closer to the opposing school's student section, as suggested by the online graphic. The dream scenario however, would be to move the Spirit of Troy back where they rightfully belong.

Haden and staff are always open to ideas, especially on enhancing the GameDay experience, so expect more amenities like better WiFi, more readily available eating options, better bathrooms and maybe even In-N-Out Trucks --ok, maybe we are just dreaming but he's thought about the idea before-- circulating the Coliseum's outer rim.

Plus what better way to celebrate awe-inspiring victories, like USC's upset win over then No. 4 Stanford, then having the Student Section and Spirit of Troy meshed together for another storming of the field. We know that USC may be of a certain class or honor to not storm the field again, but that won't stop students and fans alike from going crazy.

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