USC Now The Hottest School In The Nation, Among Other Great News

John McGillen

The good times for USC just keep rolling, and recent polls from USA Today and College Factor have decided that the Trojans not only have the hottest students around, but they also have some of the best academic programs in the nation.

"Whose Got It Better Than Us. NOBODY!," once proclaimed Jim Harbaugh. But right now, that saying might be coming down to Southern California faster than educators, parents, fans and students alike could have ever imagined.

Ever since President's C. L. "Max" Nikias recent arrival, the quality and overall strength from the incoming student body continues to escalate, while the hotness of said students remains equally impressive. As an upcoming senior at USC, that sounds like music to my ears. But for high schoolers getting ready for college, the fine tunes of "Fight On" in the decadent Cardinal and Gold sounds ever so sweet right about now.

"It's matriculating a completely different caliber of student than it once was," says Rachel Petrella, counselor at California's La Jolla Country Day School who sends many of her students up and down the Golden State.

Every year students from all borders, especially internationally towards USC, must make tough college choices, but having the right combination of brains and braun in the student body could be rocketing this stigmatized party school into an elite academic, athletic and entirely all-encompassing institution.

We know that USC has been a great recruiting ground for attractive sorority girls, music video legends and video shoots, including the most recent tapings of Taken Three this past semester, but even academics are starting to follow suit.

While these blogging sites have the Trojans rocketing up the polls, highly-regarded US News called USC the No. 23 national institution with students enrolled in highly-ranked programs in Marshall School of Business, Rossier School of Education, Andrew and Erna Viterbi School of Engineering, Gould School of Law, and even the Keck School of Medicine.


After increasing SAT standards to over 2000 and overall GPA averages to all-time highs for the incoming class of Trojans, the school has now invested a huge chunk of change (over $6 billion) in creating top-notch programs.

USC has empowered deals with former California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger, business tycoon Barrack Hall, movie critic Leonard Maltin and even sports analytics expert Jeremy Abramson, among others, to enhance the overall student experience.

Highly recommend following @USC twitter handle because some great news is always popping up on the timeline surrounding innovative programs, large grants or alumni success in the real world; and it all started in the classroom.

That news reaped immediate benefits as USA Today released a study finding that USC's Annenberg School of Journalism and Communications has been named the top journalism school in the nation.

What type of pull does that have around the country, well keep in mind that many current athletes including five-star recruit Adoree' Jackson, have deep interest in sports broadcasting after their careers are finished. The USC Annenberg program could really supplement their on-field endeavors, especially in the new state of the art building.

Someone like Aaron Boone for example, the three-year star for USC Baseball and 12-year MLB professional. From a young age, Boone prepared himself quite well for a possible baseball broadcasting gig, eventualy landing the spot on ESPN's Baseball Tonight and even extending his magic to Omaha for the 2014 College World Series.

Make sure to watch this weekend as he will be the color commentator for his college coach Mike Gillespie, now with UCI Irvine, who have made the College World Series twice since he was fired by Mike Garrett nearly 10 years ago now.

Imagine what USC Athletics could do with the combination of smart, beautiful and well prepared students. Oh wait that's right, they are already building an academic empire on a 23-acre plot of land in South Los Angeles. There is no better time to attend USC than right now, which means you better join the Trojan Family while you still can.

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