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Pete Carroll, Will Ferrell, Steve Sarkisian and a Night to Remember at USC

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The Super Bowl winning head coach made a star-studded return to Trousdale Parkway.


Former Trojan head coach, and current Seattle Seahawks head coach, Pete Carroll came back to USC and was received with mass applause and the same Hollywood glamour that made him so special in Los Angeles.

Chants of "Big Balls Pete" were even brought back as he received a standing ovation after being introduced to the USC Marshall Business Entrepreneur Class hosted by David Belasco.

Amidst all of his motivational speaking about his decorated career, the Seahawks' championship run, Steve Sarkisian and finally his "Win Forever" mentality in front of a full crowd at USC's Bovard Auditorium, Carroll was surprised by a special Trojan alumnus, a familiar one and good friend, in actor and comedian Will Ferrell.

Ferrell not only reminisced about the athletic catch that he made via the arm of Heisman trophy winner Matt Leinart during one of Carroll's practices back in the day, but the two also used the time to work on their holder-place kicker relationship:

The "Anchorman" star, dressed in a USC sweater, even decided to strike a Heisman pose for the crowd on hand:

Aside from all of the shenanigans that made up the evening, instigated primarily by Ferrell, Carroll had a lot to say about the trials and tribulations he endured throughout his career to get to where he is today as a Super Bowl Winning head coach, in addition to being voted the most desirable head coach to play for by all NFL players.

Not to forget the two national championships, three Hesiman trophy winners, 53 NFL draftees, and 34-game winning streak that Carroll was responsible for during his tenure at USC from 2001 to 2009.

Current Trojan head coach Steve Sarkisian even stopped by and Carroll only had good things to say about his former colleague.

"He knows what USC is about, what it is to work in So Cal and he is going to do a great job," Carroll said. "I have no doubt in saying that."

All that Carroll had to say during the evening all really boiled back to his 'Win Forever' program, which was derived from an old Buffalo Bills' locker room, according to Carroll.

Overall, Carroll had some great things to share about football, but even better messages for life."It is about competing, pushing yourself, striving to be at your best and what is exciting is nobody controls this but you," Carroll said.

Here were some of the last memories from his first trip back to USC since winning the Super Bowl with the Seattle Seahawks, and Super Bowl MVP Malcolm Smith.