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Ed Orgeron Very Interested In Nebraska Coaching Position

Could Ed O be back on the coaching market after taking the year off?

Ed Orgeron wants to return to coaching.
Ed Orgeron wants to return to coaching.
Kelley L Cox-USA TODAY Sports

Ed Orgeron might just now be ready to leave his home in Louisiana and return as a Division-I football coach. That destination may in fact be Nebraska, who just hired fellow former Trojan assistant coach Mike Riley as their head coach.

The former USC interim head coach, Ed Orgeron, has said he's waiting for the right opportunity to coach again. By all reports, he would be interested in joining Riley's staff over at Nebraska. Orgeron's name has been connected with some smaller jobs over the last year, but he has not emerged as a major candidate in the past few months.

While no reported contact has been made between Orgeron and Nebraska, the rumored interest could be huge for the national recruiting landscape. Orgeron has great ties in the recruiting world, especially in California and the Deep South, two major landmarks for talented prospects. If Riley were wise, he would reach out and have a conversation.

Riley, a former USC assistant under John Robinson, who was pursued twice by USC to become head coach, has left Oregon State following another disappointing season. The Trojans will certainly enjoy not having to face Riley anymore at the always dangerous Reser Stadium, even though OSU and Oregon have traded places in the scheduling rotation for the next two years.

Though Ed Orgeron and Mike Riley are both former assistants for the USC Trojans, they did not coach together at any point. Riley left in 1997 while Orgeron jumped aboard the following year.