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Video Trailer For 2006 USC vs. Texas Rose Bowl NFL Network Documentary

One of the best games in Rose Bowl history will be documented from a unique vantage point.

Jeff Lewis-USA TODAY Sports

The NFL Network is putting together a documentary on the best, worst or maybe even the most heart breaking game in USC Trojans history, the 2006 Rose Bowl against the Texas Longhorns. This game had everything from star power to great celebrity following and even multi-billion dollar boosters; plus the final score (41-38 Texas) lived up to all the hype.

You could argue the hype almost cost Vince Young and Matt Leinart a real chance to survive in the NFL, at least that's what the documentary begins to suggest. In what many are calling one of the best football games ever, the stars were aligned and came out to play when USC and Texas took the field in the National Championship Game.

Plenty of big-name stars will be making appearances in the documentary, but here is a quick glimpse into the masterpiece that will be out for public consumption on Jan. 2 in the NFL Networks' critically acclaimed A Football Life series.