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The Best and Worst Pac-12 Bowl Game Swag Bags of 2014

Lots and lots of swag being handed out.

I think Josh Shaw just found out what's going to be in his Holiday Bowl swag bag.
I think Josh Shaw just found out what's going to be in his Holiday Bowl swag bag.
Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Each year the NCAA allows each bowl game to award 125 players from each school up to $550 worth of gifts. Similar to the gift bags given out at award shows, players are given "swag bags" from the individual bowl games. But that doesn't mean that all swag bags are created equal.

We decided to check into the Pac-12 teams that are headed to bowl games and see what exactly they'll be pulling from their free gift bag when they head to the pre-game festivities in cities such as San Diego, San Antonio, Las Vegas and El Paso.

Below is a list of the best and worst gifts from the swag bags for teams in the Pac-12 Conference. Enjoy.

The Best Pac-12 Swag Bags

USC/National Holiday Bowl:

A $445 Best Buy gift card. The Trojans will get these just in time for all those After-Christmas sales. More importantly, there isn’t a whole lot you CAN’T buy at Best Buy. iPads, DVDs, video games, televisions, laptops, blenders, microwaves…the list goes on and on. If it has a plug in that charges in an electrical outlet, it can probably be found at Best Buy.

UCLA/Valero Alamo Bowl:

GoPro Hero4 Silver camera. This brand new edition to the GoPro family is valued at $399.99. This latest edition features a built-in touch display, 1080p quality video and to top it all off built-in WiFi and Bluetooth.  There is never a shortage of things to video on a GoPro, so maybe we'll see Brett Hundley sporting his on top of his helmet against Kansas State. Have fun Bruins.

Oregon/Rose Bowl:

Fossil Watch. The Ducks will get a fairly pricey watch featuring their team logo. You could almost call it a ‘timeless’ gift.  A Fossil Watch and a chance at the College Football Playoff Championship…sounds like a good deal.

The Worst Pac-12 Swag Bags

Utah/Royal Purple Las Vegas Bowl:

An Oakley Works backpack. Sorry Utes, the only thing you get is a backpack. As if every athlete on every Pac-12 campus isn't already outfitted with a backpack from the school athletic department? But do take consolation in the fact that your bowl game is in Las Vegas.

Arizona State/Hyundai Sun Bowl:

The Sun Devils will be the proud owners of Helen of Troy hair dryers. Yes, that’s right, hair dryers. These beauties retail between $30 and $40 dollars and are a long-standing gift to players in the Sun Bowl. In fact, two years ago, USC received the same blow dryers when they played in this bowl. I wonder how many players will immediately re-gift these on Christmas to a female family member?