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Josh Shaw Return to USC Football Still a Possibility

Steve Sarkisian won't rule it out.

Robert Hanashiro-USA TODAY Sport

Josh Shaw is a name USC fans just can't seem to get off their tongue...and for good reason.

After Shaw's Superman attempt to save his nephew story came to be found false and it was discovered that Shaw actually injured both of his ankles will jumping from a balcony of a downtown apartment complex, Shaw was suspended from the USC football team indefinitely.

But that was in August and there still has yet to be a resolution to the situation. The Trojans are now sitting at 6-3, 5-2 after 75 percent of their schedule, but the Josh Shaw situation has seen no updates since the very beginning of September.

USC head coach Steve Sarkisian has fielded questions about the redshirt senior's status off and on throughout the year and he was asked about it once again on Sunday during his weekly media call. One of the reporters asked if Sarkisian could definitively say Shaw won't be back on the team.

"I'm not ready to say that, no," Steve Sarkisian said, according to "It's still in the process. It hasn't gotten to a point where I would have to make a decision one way or the other. Unfortunately, the process has just taken longer than anybody would have anticipated. But we're hopeful. We'll see what happens."

It is believed that the "process" Sarkisian talked about is a legal concern because Josh Shaw was investigated by police after he was mentioned in a police report at the Orsini Apartments the same night he injured himself while jumping from the balcony at the apartment complex.

The OC Register reached out to Los Angeles Police Department officials, but they could not be reached on Sunday night. Last month, the LAPD told the OC Register the investigation remained open, but there hadn't been any updates in over a month.

In Shaw's absence, freshman Adoree Jackson has ascended to a starting cornerback role and has excelled. However, the need to have Jackson on the field at all times defensively has kept the explosive playmaker from being used on the offensive side of the ball as well.

"Believe me, he wants to play on offense too right now," Sarkisian said Sunday night, according to "We just don't have the luxury especially given the fact that Washington State runs 95 plays at us again last night. It's challenging that way, but Adoree' has responded and he's getting better."

But would Shaw even return to cornerback? The versatile Shaw has also played safety previously and the Trojans have been starting true freshman John Plattenburg. Jackson has more talent at cornerback than Plattenburg does at safety. Maybe Shaw

If Josh Shaw were to be reinstated to the team, during the bye week would seem to be the best time for his return. We'll have to wait and see this Saturday when the Trojans return to the practice field after a week of rest and recovery.