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USC Back in the Coaches Poll Top 25

The Trojans move into the top 25 thanks to some major help.

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

The USC Trojans are finally back in the top 25 in the Amway Coaches Top 25. The Trojans defeated Cal, which isn't an overly impressive victory, but they still had a chance to gain ground this week when ten teams in the top 25 dropped games on Saturday. They did just that, sliding in at No. 24 to give the Pac-12 six ranked teams.

The Pac-12 North champion Oregon remains the top ranked conference team. The Ducks were idle, but moved up to No. 3 after No. 1 Mississippi State lost to Alabama.

Arizona State had some #Pac12AfterDark issues at Oregon State, losing 35-27 to the Beavers and fell six spots down to No. 14. Besides giving up their easy road to the Pac-12 South title, the Sun Devils also gave up their top ranking among Pac-12 South teams. They fell bellow both UCLA and Arizona, who moved up to No. 11 and No. 12 from No. 15 and No. 18.

The Trojans weren't the only team to jump back into the rankings though. After knocking off Stanford, Utah also is back in the top 25 of the Coaches Poll, coming in at No. 22.

USC is also ranked in the computer composite rankings, coming in at No. 24. Here is the complete Coaches Poll and a composite of the computer rankings, via Massey:

Coaches Massey composite
1 Florida State Alabama
2 Alabama Oregon
3 Oregon Mississippi State
4 Mississippi State Ole Miss
5 TCU Florida State
6 Baylor TCU
7 Ohio State Ohio State
8 Ole Miss Baylor
9 Michigan State Auburn
10 Georgia Georgia
11 Kansas State UCLA
12 UCLA Michigan State
13 Arizona Arizona State
14 Arizona State Kansas State
15 Wisconsin Oklahoma
16 Georgia Tech Wisconsin
17 Auburn Nebraska
18 Marshall Georgia Tech
19 Nebraska Marshall
20 Missouri LSU
21 Utah Arizona
22 Oklahoma Missouri
23 Colorado State Clemson
25 Duke Notre Dame