Todd Graham comments on 8 team playoff

From the Arizona paper:

Arizona State coach Todd Graham thinks the four-team College Football Playoff is a step forward from the BCS, but he'd still like to see it tweaked.

Graham believes there should be an eight-team playoff, with the champions of the five major conferences receiving automatic berths plus three at-large bids.

That way, Graham said, teams could schedule strong non-conference games without worrying whether a loss might cost them a playoff spot. In addition, there'd be less concern that some conferences have nine-game conference schedules and others eight.

"One of the things I think is left out with this playoff system, which is better than what they had last year and I'm excited about it and don't want to be negative about it … I hope they would recognize the conference champions," Graham said Tuesday. "That way the fans can get what they want. We'll play Texas A&M and Michigan State, we can play whatever non-conference we want.

"I really think the conference championships should mean something. It does in every other league and in every other sport."

What do you think?

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