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Antwaun Woods Was Pissed After Loss to Arizona State

Following USC's 38-34 loss to Arizona State on Saturday night, junior defensive tackle Antwaun Woods waited around until the Arizona State press conference was over. He wanted to have some words with the ASU quarterback, Mike Bercovici, but it might not be what you are thinking.

Woods went to Taft High School with Bercovici and lists him as "like my best friend."

"I just wanted to congratulate him," Antwaun Woods said. "Tough loss for us, but it's hard to be pissed when you're happy for someone at the same time."

It may be hard, but when talking to the media following his conversation with Mike Bercovici, Woods was indeed ticked off about the outcome.

"We lost. I'm pissed," he said after the video recording above stopped.

Woods, who was not in on the final play, said he watched the ball's entire flight.

"Somebody's got to execute. Somebody's got to get the ball down. That's all I saw. It happened in slow motion," Antwaun Woods said. "It's football man. Anything can happen. You never know what can happen. We'll learn from it and continue to keep going forward."

However, Woods wasn't willing to single any player(s) or coach(es) out for the mistakes that cost USC the game:

"It's a USC thing. Everybody as a team. I'm not pointing fingers at nobody. We just got to get better."

Woods also discussed the defensive line's ability to get pressure on Mike Bercovici. He said he thought they did a good job, but that "everybody has to do they job for all four quarters."

And what does Woods think the USC Trojans need to do to get back on the right track?

"We have a long season. We still have a lot of games ahead of us. Just keep working hard and continue to move forward."