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LenDale White Calls Pat Haden A Coward After Being Escorted Out

Former Trojan running back was not happy after the game.

Former USC running back LenDale White was on the USC sideline for this afternoon's blowout 56-28 victory over Colorado. He was his normal jovial self during the game...


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And was a fan favorite, signing autographs and taking photos with USC fans:

But after the game, things were completely different.

He was not a happy former Trojan:

From his and some other spectators tweets, it appears White tried to go into the locker room with the team following the game, but was not allowed by security and/or police.

According to White's account, USC Athletic Director Pat Haden shook his hand and had White escorted out. But according to the Daily News, Haden said he didn't talk with White or have him kicked out:

Last week, LenDale White was critical of defensive coordinator Justin Wilcox and called for him to be fired during the Trojans' 28-26 win over Arizona, so maybe that had something to do with it. He talked with the Los Angeles Times immediately after the game before he was taken out of the Coliseum with the Los Angeles Police Department escorting him out. Here's a portion of the must read article by Gary Klein:

"Let it be known, man, I ain’t against nobody," White told The Times on the field. "I’m a for-real Trojan, so what I say is out of pure emotion during the game.

"I’ve never met some of these coaches. I’ve never been a part of them. I am a Trojan 20,000%. I back them 120%. I just get emotional during football games. I’m sorry."

But minutes later, outside the locker room, White said he changed his mind — and wanted to change his quote.

"I feel that exact same way as I did last week," White said.

White said that USC athletics administrators were kicking him out. He was then escorted to the gate by security personnel.

"Fire Sark tonight," White shouted.

Or maybe White was escorted out because of this:

Here's a short video from of White being escorted out of the stadium through the tunnel where the media awaits the players following the game: