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Toa Lobendahn Talks About Buck Allen's Impact Running

Freshman lineman tells what it's like blocking for a beast.

Offensive linemen are known to be the slowest players on the field. They aren't recruited to be sports cars, but rather road graders and steam rollers paving the way for the speedy sports car running backs and receivers.

But linemen should still be able to turn their legs quick enough to keep up with a person carrying someone else. That is, of course, assuming the person doing the carrying isn't USC running back Buck Allen.

When Allen broke off his impressive 32-yard run to get the Trojans out of the shadow of their own goal posts, offensive guard Toa Lobendahn said he tried but couldn't keep up with Allen...even though Allen was carrying defenders an extra 15-20 yards.

After the Trojans' nailbiting 28-26 victory Saturday night, USC freshman discussed blocking for a player such as Buck Allen, who is able to make defenders miss on his own even if his lineman don't make the best block.

"I would block a guy and I'd hope [Buck would] make it through and he was gone like 30 yards past where I thought," Toa Lobendahn said. "It's inspiring honestly. It gets us going, wanting to block for them more, so they can just break those touchdowns like he was doing. It was awesome."

Lobendahn also talked about how the Arizona game went for the offensive line, which has been bashed plenty this season, but has played well recently.

"I think we did good," Toa Lobendahn said. "They didn't show a lot of blitzes we expected on pass downs, but I feel like we really dominated the run game in the beginning and kept it going in the second half."

Check out the full interview with Lobendahn above.