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Ed Orgeron Confident He Will Coach Again

Ed Orgeron has yet to accept a position in the coaching ranks after leaving USC back in early December.


Sports Illustrated's Andy Staples dove into when and where Ed Orgeron will find his next coaching job by going directly through the southern drawl of USC's former interim head coach.

After being rumored for multiple jobs on the East Coast, especially in the Deep South where his recruiting prowess is well documented, Orgeron expects to take a coaching job before next season.

Make no mistake, Orgeron does not intend to sit out for long. "Oh, I'm going to coach again," he said. "I'm keeping my options open. I've had several inquiries."

While Orgeron does expect to return to coaching, it's still uncertain whether he would want to be a head coach at a smaller program or instead work as a coordinator/position coach at some national power.

In the meantime, Orgeron is spending his days at home in Louisiana with his twin boys, both juniors in high school, and will continue to shuffle through the coaching offers that keep arriving at his doorstep.

Orgeron certainly has plenty of support from big-name coaches around college football, and it should be very interesting to see whether he decides to pursue current openings at schools like Arkansas and Rutgers or instead take the year off and spend more time with family.

When Orgeron took over the USC's head coach job for Lane Kiffin, the Trojans experienced a major boost of moral in the program and began playing up to their potential in a 6-2 stretch to end the season.

Orgeron must now convince athletic directors and school presidents around the nation he can maintain the free-spirited emotion and passionate demeanor that landed him so much success.