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Introduction To New-Look Conquest Chronicles Staff

Lets start by introducing fans of USC Athletics, espiecally football and water polo early in the fall swing of things to many of the familiar faces along with plenty of new ones, that are behind the Conquest Chronicles resurgence.

Jayne Kamin-Oncea-US PRESSWIRE

Welcome the jungle new writers. The entire Conquest Chronicles community looks forward to your continued contributions and informed insight on USC Athletics. Lets hope for another great week of discussions can take place surrounding football, especially given the recent slew of unfortunate events unfolding on campus.

Mike Luca
A 2012 alumnus of the University of Southern California with an oh-so-dependable B.A. Theatre degree not physically in his possession due to dismissed collections holds, Mike "Italian Trojan" Luca discovered his underlying passion for both playwriting and sportswriting early whilst embarking upon that oh-so-dependable acting education. He was born in New York, dubiously grew up in New Jersey (yes, as in the Shore...), and is retiring to Florida at age 22.

He rebelled against his Yankees household in the red sock variety and employed the same in regards to Notre Dame and USC. Having previously written for MafiaLife Blog, Football Nation and Tailgate32, the Italian Trojan advises you to protect your blindside with unconventionally sports coverage via Facebook ( and Twitter (@italian_trojan), and he is NOT a Sicilian condom. He further apologizes for any possible hand he's had in the Trojans woes over the past few seasons - maybe he wasn't kicking the flagpole at the right angle...fight on.

Trevor Wong
I guess you could say this isn't an introduction, but more of a re-acquaintance. Joey Kaufman recruited myself - along with Will Robinson and Shotgun Spratling - a little more than a year ago to write for Conquest Chronicles. I've enjoyed the platform Conquest Chronicles provides, and I'm always excited to write about one of my passions - USC sports.

But anyway, here's a little bit more about me: I graduated from USC's Annenberg School of Communication and Journalism in 2012 (Print & Digital Journalism major, Sports Media Studies minor); I'll be working with the Los Angeles Lakers this season in their New Media & Technology Department (second straight year), providing content for; Oh, and I love boba. Follow me on Twitter: @Trevor_Wong.

Shotgun Spratling
Reacquaintance it is then, Trev. After covering USC sports for Neon Tommy, South LA Intersections, Annenberg TV News, KSCR and the Trojan Vision debate show Platforum Sports while in grad school at Annenberg, I’ve written about USC for Conquest Chronicles and the SC Playbook magazine.

I also have covered 120+ games the last two years as the Southern California regional reporter for College Baseball Daily. Unlike Trevor, the only boba I like is Boba Fett. Tweet tweet me @ShotgunSpr or @SoCal_CBDaily, if you like college baseball. And follow me on Instagram @shotgunspratling for my sports photos.

Evan Budrovich
Entering my junior year at the University of Southern California pursuing a degree in Broadcast Journalism, I possess a competitive obsession with highlighting the best and brightest from USC Athletics. In that obsession with telling a great story, the dynamic here in Southern California makes for the ideal location to practice the craft. My work spans throughout the USC sports landscape, with emphasis on baseball, basketball and the Olympic Sports. I hope to keep readers informed, excited and driven the way I am about the ever growing sports world. @evanbud

Will Robinson
Don't call it a comeback - I've been here for a year! Sorry I'm no Cool James, but you'll have to deal with me. I covered USC last season for Neon Tommy while serving as the site's Senior Sports Editor as well as some during spring. I graduated as a communication major last May and started work with Reuters in late July, serving as the host of their new Global Sports Forum, with some reporting on the side. I don't understand boba. (@will_robinson_)

Nick Selbe
I'm currently a senior Communication major at USC and the co-sports editor of the Daily Trojan along with Will Laws. Trevor Wong recruited me to write for Conquest Chronicles this year, and I'm excited to be a part of the blog and write about the Trojans. I'm an Orange County native and I've followed USC sports my entire life. Follow me on Twitter at @NickSelbe for the latest updates on Trojan football.

Will Laws
I’m co-sports editor of the Daily Trojan, USC’s only student-run print publication, along with Nick Selbe. I’m a senior Print and Digital Journalism major with a minor in Sports Media Studies, which is about as helpful in the real world as you’d think. After growing up in the premier hotbed of college basketball, half an hour away from both UNC and Duke, it’s been interesting to live in what’s arguably the mecca of the NBA for my college years. You can follow me on Twitter at @WillLaws for reports on USC sports as well as my thoughts on various genres of music and TV shows ranging from Breaking Bad to Survivor – what, you aren’t still watching after 26 seasons?

Calum Hayes

Junior at USC majoring in Broadcast Journalism and Philosophy, Politics and Law. I was recently recruited to write for Conquest Chronicles, am just starting out at USC's only print publication, the Daily Trojan, and am an opinion columnist at Neon Tommy, USC's online publication. Originally from Portland, Oregon I am a lifelong Trailblazers fan so even the down years at USC feel like success.Twitter: @Calum_Hayes if you're looking for anything but serious analysis and a healthy dose of embarrassing pop culture references.