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#USCpredictions: Washington State

Shotgun Spratling gives his sometimes serious and sometimes absurd #USCpredictions for today's game.

Leonard Williams isn't impressed. He just wants more sacks.
Leonard Williams isn't impressed. He just wants more sacks.

Last week, I made some #USCpredictions -- some expected, others out of the box. I reserved those #USCpredictions for Twitter, but this week I'm going all in.

This week, against Washington State, you will have full internet evidence (not that you couldn't just search Twitter for last week's) of my predictions and you will be allowed to ridicule them tremendously when I inevitably am terribly wrong about something.

Without further ado, the calm, cool, collected choices and monstrous, maniacal malfeasions that are my #USCpredictions for the Washington State game:

  • Most snaps taken at QB: Cody Kessler; Most passing yds/TD: Cody Kessler.
  • Max Wittek plays a quarter and a half.
  • Most carries, most yards: Justin Davis; Rushing touchdowns: Two - one by Tre Madden, one by Silas Redd (if he plays).
  • Silas Redd suits up, plays, scores a touchdown, gets injured (shoulder), suits down.
  • There will be two USC receivers with 100+ yards and another two with 40+ yds. 8-9 players will have a reception.
  • Two touchdown catches by tight ends, one by a receiver (Nelson Agholar).
  • Darreus Rogers makes a ton of people ask, "Who wears number 84?" Then he does something that makes those same people say, "I really like this number 84 kid."
  • First offensive play - run to the right.
  • First pass play - boring 5-yard hitch/out read route (depending on coverage).
  • Second pass play - double wide receiver reverse throwback to the quarterback (Lane Kiffin just wants to wake up all the senior citizens falling asleep at the thought of a 7:30 p.m. start).
  • Nothing special from special teams. Mike Leach usually puts a high emphasis on special teams.
  • Speaking of Mike Leach, there will be four pirates references on the broadcast and he may miss his halftime speech due to his ongoing search for booty.
  • Devon Kennard gets a sack. Leonard Williams isn't impressed; he gets two more.
  • Ed Orgeron rips his shirt off and turns into a cardinal-colored Hulk after a player jumps offside on a 3rd-and-4.
  • Washington State throws the ball 72 times, but it feels like at least 300.
  • The Trojans secondary comes up with another three interceptions. Su'a Cravens gets his second. It turns out to be the game-changer.
  • I fall in and out of love with at least seven USC co-eds while tailgating.
  • Final score: USC 38, Washington State 22 (making me a winner in Vegas by half a point).

We want to hear your best #USCpredictions! Let us know in the comments and/or on Twitter what you think the final score will be and any other #USCpredictions you have. From the honest to the silly, drop us those #USCpredictions.