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USC Football: Players Reaction Tells The Whole Story

The players have gotten a chance to mull over the disappointing loss to Arizona State, and have shared some rather sincere thoughts on Saturday's loss.

Matt Kartozian-USA TODAY Sports

The play on the field was downright atrocious, and beard serious questions and concerns after allowing 62 points in their Pac-12 road opener. This overall befuddling performance in which the Sun Devils scored 28 straight points in the third quarter, even left recent USC alumni in an awkward state trying to describe what was unfolding before his eyes.

While the sentiment from fans and former players was deservingly frustrated, players on the field also recognized the error of their ways. To that point, many of the players immediately took to twitter after the game setting their sights on a productive bye week to prepare for a one-loss Arizona team coming off its worst performance of the season.

And all that being said, players understand the process that must unfold each and every week in the season and are not overlooking what seem to stack for quite the long recovery process. Defensive leaders like Hayes Pullard know what it takes to get back on track for the once top-ranked unit, and is embracing that challenge moving forward.

Now with a full week and a half to prepare, the pressure shifts over to the coaching staff to create an insightful and rather detailed game plan to slow down the read-option look coming from B.J. Denker and the Wildcats. Their may be some major kinks in this USC roster, but desperation has sunk in. It's now or never to right the ship!