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ASU vs. USC Halftime Score: 20-14 ASU

Turnovers, turnovers, TURNOVERS

Christian Petersen

The second quarter started with USC having all the momentum, as Tre Madden took a red zone rush in for a touchdown and the lead. But after that, things went from good to bad to almost worse for the Trojans.

Kevon Seymour was taken out for a few plays with a wrist injury, and while he was getting taped up, Taylor Kelly threw two quick passes down the right side that Josh Shaw and Anthony Sarao could not stop. With the game tied up again, the USC offense made two terrible turnovers. First came a pass to Marqise Lee that bounced right off his hands and floated up for an interception. It was the kind of pass that 2012 Marqise would have caught without a doubt, but now he has inexplicably bungled all sorts of passes from Kessler this month. Kessler doesn't get off the hook though. Nelson Agholor was wide open down the left sideline for a possible touchdown.

The second fumble came from a first down rush by Madden that ended in a fumble when the ball bounced off the thigh of backup receiver Robby Kolanz and out of Madden's hands. Both turnovers resulted in short field position for the Sun Devils, and both resulted in field goals after a strong stand by the defense. Still, the defense looked incredibly exhausted by the time they headed to the locker room. USC cannot have anymore errors in the second half if they want to come back and win this.

At the end of the first quarter, things were looking up, but the problems that have plagued USC have raised their ugly heads again. And now the infamous third quarter is upon us. Can the Trojans keep things from collapsing?