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ASU vs. USC 1st Quarter score: 7-7 Tie


Christian Petersen

The game started the way many expected: with a quick Sun Devils TD. ASU's receivers are outmatching USC's secondary in one-on-one coverage, and it has led to 15-25 yard receptions on multiple attempts. Expect TE Chris Coyle to get many looks later on in this game. He already has two for 56 yards.

But USC's offense is is looking very strong early on. After a terrible first outing with a quick three-and-out, Tre Madden and Justin Davis got to work, with 91 yards rushing in the first quarter, including a 26 yard run to the house by Davis. The passing game opened up as the quarter ended, too. The O-line has shown strong protection and both Nelson Agholor and Marqise Lee have made first down catches.

But the strongest aspect of USC's game has to be the defensive line. Breslin and co. continue to shut down every attempt the Sun Devils' make to establish a ground game. ASU has only 23 yards rushing, and none of their run plays have gone for more than five yards.

Aside from the opening drives, it's so far, so good for the Trojans. Can they keep it up?