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USC vs. Utah State 3rd Quarter Score: 14-14

A stagnant third quarter allows the Aggies to tie it up.


This quarter was not too pretty for the Trojans. Even though the offense put together a strong drive, a loss and a penalty killed a drive that led to a missed field goal by Andre Heidari.

Chuckie Keeton engineered a touchdown drive fueled by the hurry-up offense, putting the Trojan defense on its heels for the first time in the game. Keeton toyed around with the defense on the nine-play drive before USC shut him down the rest of the half.

Morgan Breslin made a sneakily great play on 3rd-and-long, reading a screen play and covering it up to force Utah State to kick one of the worst punt's I've ever seen, netting about 12 yards. Twelve yards! Lane Kiffin was gifted a free red zone drive to open up the 4th quarter. Let's see what happens.